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Structure, content and tuition methods are wide ranging, from core skills to ‘trainer training’.

Human trafficking

An increasing area of concern: international cooperation between those countries engaged in people smuggling as well as transit and destination countries is a vital prerequisite to counter the rising number of human trafficking cases.

Cyber crime

This is another serious and fast evolving issue. Global social networks have become a technique to promote terror, incite extremism, coordinate and recruit as well as to conduct illicit financial activities.

Economic and financial crime

Enforcing against and investigating economic and financial crime requires specific skills and coordination with specialist bodies and government agencies. Successful investigations can and do require years of patient detection and specialist expertise in forensic accounting.

Women and Children

These two groups remain highly vulnerable to exploitation. Investigative work requires sensitivity, involving joint agency and multi-jurisdictional investigations, extremely careful interviewing and evidence handling.  


This has been a core subject at Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) since it was founded and considerable local capacity and skills have been developed in DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) and used in giving support outside Indonesia in recent years.

Maritime and Border enforcement

In the context of Indonesia’s extensive geographical footprint, as the world’s largest archipelago, border enforcement is especially significant. It is a subject that covers much complexity including managing localized crime as well as international aspects such as refugee movements. Training focuses on building strong coordination between enforcers and border authorities. 


Another persistent and growing crime in society today, narcotics is frequently linked to other criminal activities such as people exploitation and smuggling as well as the financing of terror. Coordination between specialist Government agencies, medical and welfare providers is essential. JCLEC training contributes effectively towards the building of powerful networking to address this crime. 

Leadership, Enforcement Management and Others

In addition to the specialist investigation, intelligence and specific crime categories, training and conferences addressing learning, capacity building and leadership are regular features at JCLEC.


Multi-agency cooperation, regional working groups and special themes such as women in law enforcement and prisons intelligence contribute to a wide variety of valuable learning experiences.

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Counter Terrorism

CT include intelligence gathering and investigation, the combatting of violent extremism and foreign terrorist fighters, as well as the financing of extremist groups through other criminal and illegal activities. 


Under this broad umbrella, training is undertaken across a series of specific subjects, for example, surveillance techniques, airport and seaport intelligence gathering.

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