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2017: INTERPOL EU-ASEAN framework on migration and border management

Under a three-year program funded by the EU and implemented by INTERPOL, JCLEC hosted a twelve day course on Training the Trainer in Border Management from April 17 to 28, 2017. The course focused on the key issues of illegal immigration and people smuggling.

Harold O’Connell, INTERPOL Director of Capacity Building and Training, visited JCLEC and summed up this crucial need succinctly, “Global crime problems require global solutions.” He emphasized that in today’s globally connected  world, criminals respect no borders in trafficking people. Police Brigadier General Mohammad Safei of JCLEC stressed the co-operation between the centre, the EU and INTERPOL to enhance skills among ASEAN/regional enforcement officers. He also underlined the joint commitment towards regional security and the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity.


JCLEC course activity on Human Trafficking and participant attendance grew by over 200% in 2016.

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