KEY TRAINING MANAGERS Gede Suardana and Widya Anugrah see great opportunities to expand JCLEC into a repository of international best practice combined with local knowledge. Says Gede, ‘Recent terror incidents in UK, France, Belgium and Russia can easily happen here as “FTFs” who have been unable to join the conflict in the Middle East, change their focus to their ‘home’ country – and there is also much more can do to encourage shared intelligence and knowledge through JCLEC course alumni.”

Widya suggests there is significant scope to provide JCLEC support at provincial government level as well as across departments for improved intelligence gathering and communications to counter crime leveraging the entire spectrum of Government in the world’s fourth largest country.  Arranging offsite training courses is a practical means to extend capacity.


HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER Bhadra Sasangkayoga, has had the task of transforming the centre’s HR policy in line with the growth of the organization - from formalized contracts to new career opportunities for JCLEC employees. “As a provider of international standards in our courses, it has been essential that our HR development program reflects an appropriate standard, both complying with local regulatory needs as well as positioning us within the region.”


ACCOUNTING & FINANCE MANAGER Retna, recently joining the JCLEC team, draws upon ten years of experience with multinationals in the private sector and her role will be instrumental in upgrading our budgeting and planning skills, among other disciplines, as JCLEC ventures into offering selected courses in key areas such as anti money laundering, to private sector as well as public sector users. 


EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS Kumala Intan Prawesti and Elia Camar (Caca) combine a detailed knowledge and understanding of the organization having served as Executive Assistants to our EDs. Their new roles are as team leaders for stakeholder engagement and special projects.

Contributing to global enforcement through shared learning - our alumni continues to grow


Taking the long view: the ‘partnership’ that is JCLEC, co-founded between Indonesia as host nation and Australia, backed by leading Governments around the world, has demonstrated a global reach – having trained over 20,500 participants from 72 countries since our doors were first opened. This figure includes over 17,200 officers from Indonesia. With a force of 440,000 Police nationwide, JCLEC is the international arm among 38 training centres throughout the archipelago. 

Building our momentum

The first quarter of the year is always an interesting time – as we build momentum for the future needs of the law enforcement community. It’s also a time to assess our performance over the past year through the preparation of the annual report. 2016 was highly productive, with 46% higher output taking account of participant numbers, up 21% to over 2,000. We delivered a much more varied and changing curriculum, with longer course length in some cases and 17% more courses. Thanks to a broader base of contributing sponsors, JCLEC continues to lead in the latest techniques of law enforcement to combat crime, maintaining our unique role as a hub of cooperation and shared knowledge.

Executive Directors Police Brigadier General Mohammad Safei (right) and Superintendent James Stokes.

Over the past 12 months we have strengthened and deepened our management team and are busy upgrading our systems to raise standards of service and capacity even higher. 


In a changing political and economic landscape, transnational crime and terrorism pose an ever-present threat to our societies and JCLEC together with our sponsors are taking these vital steps to stay ahead. Notes Police Brigadier General Mohammad Safei of JCLEC “We have had a strong start in 2017. Output, based on confirmed bookings, is already up by over 20%.”

Our changing curriculum


Among several growth areas in 2016, three stood out:

# Trainings 




# Participants 




Counter Terrorism


Human Trafficking

Gede Suardana

Widya Anugrah

Bhadra Sasangkayoga


Kumala Intan Prawesti

Elia Camar (Caca)

Leadership and capacity development


According to Superintendent James Stokes, Executive Director of Programs, “We are committed to enhancing the skills and capacity of our users, so it’s only appropriate that we invest in our own skills base. In 2016 we promoted from within as well as undertaking  selective recruitment. JCLECNews is a perfect vehicle to introduce some of the team who play such vital roles.

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