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Our Purpose is clear and can be summed up as "Collaborating to strengthen capabilities in combating transnational crime and terrorism."


The JCLEC continues to strengthen the capability of international and local law enforcement and broader public, civil-society and private sector communities to minimise the risk of and harm caused by transnational crime and terrorism by enabling a broad range of programs, projects and activities to enhance the capacity of, among others, criminal investigations, criminal intelligence, forensic investigations, partnerships and community engagement and legislative and policy development capacities.


To do so, JCLEC will continue to attract subject matter expertise and curricula from across Indonesia and the world and provide flexible bilingual education, conference and working meeting support services both on-site (residential) and off-site in a modern and safe environment. JCLEC will continue to provide an environment conducive to the establishment of sustainable people-to-people professional networks. JCLEC will continue to play an important role in the coordination of donors and will encourage the establishment of partnerships between organisations.

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